Thursday, October 2, 2008

Off to New Orleans

I am so excited...
This Saturday I leave and head to New Orleans for the Image X 08 workshops. It's a series of 3-day workshops that focus on business, shooting, and photoshop. I'm lucky enough to take classes from the great Chenin Boutwell, the ground-breaking John Michael Cooper of Alt F, and then an extra evening workshop with the awesome Jerry Ghionis.

Along the way, I'm totally pumped to be meeting some of my favorite New Orleans based photographers and friends, including the amazing husband/wife duo of Studio Tran - Corine and Beebe... and maybe if I'm lucky I'll meet Ethan too...

I totally have an action packed week ahead of me! I hope to be blogging some of the amazing imagery that I get there... so stay tuned over the next week.

On the home front... everyone please wish Jason good luck. He is taking over parenting duties for the next 6-days without a safety net. My mom (who is our usual go-to babysitter) is going with me to New Orleans, so Jason and Maggie are being bachelor's for a week. I guess it's a good thing that Jason can cook so well!!


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