Friday, September 12, 2008

The Smith Kids - Family Pictures in Mountlake Terrace

Last Saturday I met up with the Smith family! Colby and Mia were about as cute as they come and they both loved the camera. It's fairly unusual in this age group to have two kids who just enjoy having their pictures taken, but they were both were totally into it. In fact, Colby had me cracking up almost the entire time. He is a riot!! I just love 5 year olds and their logic. Karen and Brian were so sweet inviting me into their home to do the entire family and I truly enjoyed spending time with them. One of the biggest perks of my job - meeting totally awesome people. And rolling on the ground playing with kids. How awesome is that?!

Karen & Brian - Thank you so much for the opportunity to come do your family photographs. You both are awesome people and awesome parents. Colby and Mia were absolute delights!

Here is Colby...

And the beautiful Mia...



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