Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Time for Football!

If you know me well then you know me to be a HUGE UW Husky Football fan! After graduating from the UW and then working at the athletic department for 4 years after graduation, I have a special fondness for this time of the year. Last week I was up on campus and I was driving into the stadium when I heard my favorite signal of football season... the marching band drummers practicing! Just hearing the cadences playing and echoing throughout the empty stadium gave me goosebumps and reminded me how much I love football, the Huskies, and my school!

So... UW Football opens this Saturday against Oregon (boo Ducks!!!!). I can't wait to start watching it on TV again! Go Dawgs!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Today we celebrated Maggie's 2nd Birthday! It's hard to believe that she is already 2, time really does move that fast; as any parent will attest. Birthday's of your child take on an entirely different meaning when you sit back and reflect upon all that has changed in your life and how happy you are to make the necessary changes to accomodate such a little life. Jason and I often times find ourselves dancing around the house, or just doing something silly (such as singing the lyrics to Curious George) and realizing that never did we picture those moments 10 years ago!

Truly, this little kid is a blessing. Jason and I just love her with all our hearts and souls!

We had a small little party for her today. Jason has been gone the last week to a fire in Davenport, WA and was unfortunately unable to be at the party, but that didn't stop the festivities. Grandma, Grandpa, Gammy, Steve, Grandpa Goat, Bill and Amber all joined us for BBQ and then some birthday cake.

Here are a few raw snapshots of the festivities!

My mom made a quilt for Maggie right after she was born. This is her 2-year-old quilt and it includes a needlepoint section that has all the pet names we call Maggie. Jason and I call her Mabster and Piggie; My parents call her Cutie, Angel Girl and Little Squirt; My father-in-law calls her Margaret. Isn't my mom just incredibly awesome for memorializing those little things forever?!

And I'm not sure exactly how this happened... but I asked my dad to take a picture of me and Maggie together (since we never seem to get too many) and the time stamp on this was 4:39pm. Which is ironic because she was born at 4:39pm!!

Last, bit not least, meet Moose! Moose is 10 weeks old chocolate lab who just joined Bill & Amber on Friday. He is about as adorable as they come... I think I'm in love!


Friday, August 22, 2008

2009 Senior Pictures - Olympia

I had the coolest session on Tuesday out on Harstene Island here in Olympia. I met with Ron who loves his dirt bike and his 4x4 truck; which made for some pretty awesome pictures! Unfortunately (or fortunately... I don't know since these turned out so freaking cool!), it rained the entire evening. I was one wet photographer at the end of the session, but it so didn't matter since I had so much fun.

Ron was no exception to the "Do I really have to have Senior Pictures Mom?" rule. For most 18-year old guys, this is the LAST priority on their list! However, he was very sweet and played along. Plus, at the end, I think he didn't mind it so much either!

Here area few to share....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Lacey, WA Family Portrait Session

I mentioned about a week ago that my equipment decided to take a swim in Long Lake here in Lacey. Luckily everything turned out just fine and the equipment still works perfectly (thanks to my wonderful husband and his attention to detail in fixing it!!). But what I failed to mention was the wonderful family I got to take pictures of that particular day. The Holbrocks are a beautiful family with the sweetest two little girls and a beautiful mom and dad. Aren't they killer!?

They provided me with some wonderful and oh, so sweet, moments to share here on my blog.

Thank you Dustin and Georgene for inviting me into your home. It was a lovely day and your pictures just scream with the warmth, depth and beauty of your love for one another and your precious girls!

And last by not least... here is the shot where my light stand went into the water. But for the shot.... I kinda think it was worth it! Look how sweet of a moment this was?!?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rain Drops on Roses

Last Friday and Saturday I shot the wedding of Heather and Bill. They got married on the luckiest day of the year, 8.8.08, with a small family ceremony. The following day, they had a large ceremony with all their friends and family followed by a beautiful backyard reception. But Heather and Bill got another dose of good luck on Saturday as right before the ceremony the clouds opened up and it started to pour. We all dashed (and pulled all our photography equipment quickly) out of the rain and under cover just hoping that the rain would be done by the time of the ceremony... and it was! But it left everything with this beautiful coating of rain drops sparkling in the sun. Just magical... just like Heather and Bill!!

As the song says... Rain drops on roses... just a few of my favorite things...

We've been hard at work all week on their album... but here are a few of the details of the day (portraits to follow in another post).

The stunning and beautiful bride, Heather:

Getting ready...

The gorgeous details...

The Ceremony...

The First Dance...

Heather & Bill: Thank you for the time I spent with the two of you and your families! It was such a special time for me! Enjoy your Costa Rican honeymoon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fruit of Labor

As I mentioned a long time ago, we planted our first vegetable this past spring. Jason has never been so happy; putting around the garden and making sure everything is growing properly. And boy is it ever taken off. We are drowning in 15 pound zucchini's, snap peas, lettuce and tomatoes. The upcoming weeks ought to have a bounty of corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkins, bell peppers, potatoes!

The other night the light was hitting the sunflowers 'just' right and I had to snap a few shots. These are all straight out of camera with no retouching what so ever!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My flash set up took a swim today!

Equipment failure sucks. And it REALL sucks watching your entire lighting set up get caught in a gust of wind and slowly fall into a lake!!

But I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing all my money practically drown to the bottom of Long Lake today while out doing a family session. As I was shooting from the dock a gust of wind caught my umbrella and, in slow motion, I watched my light stand take a swim, my flash unit and pocket wizard attached.

I was a lucky woman today though... I brought my soaking wet electronics home and Jason went to work. He carefully took everything apart, blew the water out with compressed air, and then allowed everything to dry. About 4 hours later, he decided to see if everything worked, and low and behold, the flash and pocket wizard started flashing! It looks like I (barely) survived this particular equipment mishap. Let's not have it happen again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tina & Brian - Wedding on Cooper Point

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Tina and Brian at a private home out on Cooper Point in Olympia. The day was fabulous with beautiful detailing, wonderfully happy families, and a lovely couple! The home and grounds overlooked the beautiful water and we had an amazing sunset to play with that evening. Tina and Brian are just so in love and they had just a wonderful day! Enjoy these little sneak previews!

The Details

The Ceremony

The Bride & Groom

The Reception